Top 5 Reasons to Attend Hispanicize – 2013 Recap!

Hispanicize 2013 took place, from April 9 – 13,  at the breathtaking Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida!  Hispanicize, which takes a complete year to plan is an event for brands, marketers, bloggers, journalists, celebrities, film makers,  and authors to connect and share ideas targeting Latinos.

Ocean View from the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami, Florida

Breathtaking ocean view from the Eden Roc Hotel.

Before traveling to Hispanicize, I downloaded the Hispanicize App to my iPad and Android phone, which made it easy to follow my busy schedule, connect with other influential bloggers, and receive any latest updates on the event.

Here are my 5 top reasons to attend Hispanicize:

Speakers: From day one, Hispanicize offered a diversity of sessions under 6 categories: Bloggers, Social Media, Advertising/PR, Music, Film, and Journalists. The quality of the speakers was outstanding!  I came back from Hispanicize with new creative ideas to take our blog and marketing to the next level, including learning valuable tips on pitching to brands, the power of positive reviews, the value of scent marketing in the Hispanic market,  and the importance of going mobile in the Hispanic market.

Hispanicize 2013 Event in Miami, Florida

One of many fabulous speakers, Fashion & Lifestyle Expert, Martin Llorens

Food:  We began our day with a filling and fresh breakfast,  including cereals, yogurt, muffins, bagels, fresh fruit, juices, coffee, milk and more.  A good breakfast helped me to stay energized and focused on my morning sessions.   Also, one of the most inspiring and empowering breakfast events was the Friday breakfast with Clorox and one of the top motivational speakers, Pegine Echevarria!

By the time it was lunch, Hispanicize coordinators and sponsors provided all attendees with  delicious dishes, including pastas, grilled chicken, seafood, salad, roasted vegetables, assorted beverages and more.

Best of all, during lunch, it was inspiring to hear Latino success stories from Actor & Entrepreneur Carlos Ponce, Zumba’s Beto Perez, and Director Nicolas Lopez.

As for desserts, tables were set-up outside the afternoon sessions with an assortment of decadent treats.

Hispanicize 2013 Event Lunch in Miami, Florida

Healthy lunches were provided thanks to our awesome sponsors!


Exhibits: Visiting the exhibit area gave influential bloggers, like me, an opportunity to speak with newswire representatives , like Business Wire and PR NewsWire, and Public Relations representatives, such as Lowe’s on how we can work together.  I also spared a few minutes for fun photos, compliments of Visit Orlando and Transition Lenses!

Hispanicize 2013 Brand Showcase in Miami, Florida

Brand showcase at Hispancize 2013


Networking: Influential bloggers, journalists, and Public Relations (PR) representatives from all over the country and as far away as Canada came to attend Hispanicize 2013.   The evening receptions were another opportunity to connect with other influential bloggers, speakers, and PR coordinators.

Hispanicize 2013 Target Opening Reception & Emilio Estefan

Target Opening Reception with Emilio Estefan and entertainment with synchronized swimmers.


Major Evening Events:  Hispancize 2013 coordinators planned fun evening events for all bloggers and journalists, including Red Carpet movie screenings with celebrities, music concerts, a McDonald’s Yacht party, and after parties.

Filly Brown & Lou Diamond Phillips at Hispanicize 2013 in Miami, Florida

Lou Diamond Phillips attending the movie screening of Filly Brown in Miami, Florida.

Thank you to the entire Hispanicize 2013 team, including Manny Ruiz, Angela Sustaita-Ruiz, Katherine Johnson, Lexi Terrero, and Mike Valdes -Fauli,  plus  sponsors, like Disney, Coca- Cola, Transitions, McDonald’s, Lowe’s, Procter & Gamble, Tide, Target, Clorox, Pandora, NBC Latino and so many more for making this event a phenomenal experience!

Hispanicize 2013 in MIami, Florida

More special memories of Hispanicize 2013

Hispanicize 2013 in Miami, Florida

Blessed to experience Hispanicize with my savvy sister & business partner, Soledad Garcia


Are you coming to Hispanicize 2014?

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  1. Isabel, it was so great to meet you at Hispanicize after being online friends. This was a great conference and can’t wait ’til 2014.

  2. Isa,
    What a PHENOMENAL write up!! You captured everything!!
    You are a darling in person and always the same online.
    I am so happy we were able to take pictures together.
    Wish we had more time to chat but we still have 2014 right?

    Big HUGS!!!!
    Thanks for being you hermana—xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Hi Yoly! I agree with you, Hispanicize 2013 was a fabulous event. Sending you a big hug, amiga! Thank you, also, for sharing so many valuable tips and helping bloggers, like me, move forward. :-)

  4. Hi Eileen! Thank you for your awesome feedback. I feel the same about you, amiga!! Love your positive spirit both online and in-person. :-) You are always so supportive online among our blogger communities. I am so happy that I got a chance to attend your fabulous presentation and listen to your personal blogger experiences and tips. Like you, I only wished we had more time to chat. 2014 will come around soon but in the meantime, let’s stay connected!! Lots of hugs, amiga!!! xoxoxoxo

  5. After all this time I’m glad to have finally met the sweet and savvy Isabel in person!! Good recap and great pics. Abrazotes mujer to you and your sister and hope we have a chance to really sit down and talk en la proxima. BB2U

  6. Hi Sonia! Next time, I plan to arrive a day earlier, so I can have more time to network with fabulous people like you. Hugs from my sister & I and lets continue to stay connected, amiga!! :-)

  7. Great recap. I’m glad I got to meet you and your sister.

  8. Hi Letty! It was so cool to finally meet you as well! Let’s continue staying in touch, amiga! :-)

  9. Loved meeting you and your sister!

  10. Love your photos, Isabel! Great recap! Can’t wait to see you next year, if not sooner. =)

  11. Hi Adriana! It was such a pleasure meeting one of my favorite food bloggers and dear friend. Looking forward to getting together again, amiga! In the meantime, let’s stay connected! :-)

  12. Hi Laurita! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Enjoyed our conversation over breakfast at Hispancize and loved meeting your precious mom! If you ever visit Northern California, please let me know. :-)

  13. As you know, I followed your trip closely and it is because of you that I decided that I must attend next year. I am in awe of just how many companies and brands are finally realizing that Latinos are such a big market. I look forward to meeting you next year Isabel!

  14. Hi Maria! Thank you so much for your marvelous support always on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Brands are beginning to realize the importance of the Hispanic market. In the years to come, the Hispanic population will continue to grow, including their buying power. They represent a huge opportunity in the marketplace. Hispanicize featured several successful case studies on how brands are marketing to Latinos, which I found immensely valuable. I look forward to seeing you at Hispanicize 2014, Maria! :-)

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