Casse-Croute Bakery – Livermore, CA

Casse-Croute Bakery - Livermore, CA

Soledad (far right) with Richard and Lenore, the owners of Casse-Croute Bakery

Casse-Croute Bakery - Livermore, CA

Pains and baguettes baked fresh daily

Casse-Croute Bakery - Livermore, CA

Fabulous selection of  Petite Fours, fruit, lemon and flan tarts

Casse-Croute Bakery - Livermore, CA

More yummy pastries to enjoy with coffee or tea!

Casse-Croute Bakery - downtown Livermore

Guests enjoying the outdoor seating in the patio area.

Casse-Croute Bakery, located in downtown Livermore, celebrated the opening of its bakery with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Wednesday.  The Mayor of Livermore, Ambassadors for the Livermore Chamber of Commerce and the public were invited.   Since the opening of the Casse-Croute Bakery, the friendly staff has been very busy with raving visitors.

The bakery offers fresh artisan French bread, pastries, coffees, teas, drinks, sandwiches and soups.  Yesterday, when I arrived at mid-morning, the staff was placing fresh warm bread in the display area.  I purchased one of their baguettes, which my family enjoyed very much.

It was a great pleasure meeting the founders of the Casse-Croute Bakery, Richard and Lenore, whom have a passion for making French bread and pastries and serving customers with enthusiasm.  I look forward to coming back soon!

Where: 50 South Livermore Ave, Livermore, CA.

Hours:  7 am – 2 pm Tuesdays through Fridays

8 am – 2 pm Saturday and Sunday

What is the name of your favorite French bakery?

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  1. Helen Troncoso says:

    Omg! The breads and pastries look so good..especially late at night lol! My favorite French bakery here in NY is Balthazar.

  2. Thank you for commenting and for your fabulous support, Helen! The breads and pastries at this bakery sell out pretty fast! :-)

  3. Everything looks delectable and so good!

  4. Everything looks delicious!

  5. ::sigh:: In this little town my closest French Bakery is Walmart. But hope springs eternal. Oh to wake up to delicacies like the ones you pictured!!


  6. Very nice!!!

  7. Hi Bohemian! Livermore has a few bakeries, but Casse-Croute bakery is one of the few that have a French influence. I hope one day your little town has a French bakery. :-)

  8. Thank you for your fabulous support, Ilse! :-)

  9. Thank you for your wonderful support, Norah! I also tried the Petite Fours at Casse-Croute Bakery, and they were so delicious! :-)

  10. Hi Cherrie! Casse-Croute Bakery impresses me for its high quality French breads and pastries, plus its fabulous customer service! Thank you for commenting! :-)

  11. Wow! All the pastries look so yummy! I’m hungry now! :D

  12. Thank you for commenting, Kary! Yes, they all look so good! :-)

  13. Yum all of the breads and pastries look so delicious!

  14. Hi Alicia! Casse-Croute Bakery is one of the best bakeries I have visited in Livermore! Thank you so much for commenting and your support! :-)

  15. drool, i have a weak spot for a baguette with some yummy prosciutto and cheese, with a san pallegrino…i can see myself visiting this cute place :)

  16. Wow!! Yummy!! I am a huge fan of bread!! lol The desserts looks amazing as well. Looks promising & a nice asset to the area

  17. Nina, that’s a great combination for eating a fresh French baguette! Thank you for your support, amiga! :-)

  18. Maria, I’m glad to know we share something in common. We both love bread and desserts! Yes, our community is very happy to have Casse-Croute Bakery in downtown Livermore! Thank you so much for commenting! :-)

  19. As usual this post makes me realize how much his area in Riverside county I live in is lacking. I am originally from San Diego county, right by the beach. Within the 4 towns closest to us, we had it all, including a fabulous french bakery/restaurant in Escondido. Now in order to get any of those fabulous goodies, I have to wait for a trip down there, and really we need something much closer. Anyways, the Casse-Croute Bakery sounds absolutely divine, love that they bake daily, so you can just swing by for bread and baguettes early in the morning. My mom and my sisters and I are all about “pan”, we love bread.

  20. Maria, I know exactly what you mean when you move into a new area, and you miss some of your favorite shops. My mom also loves bread/pan dulce especially with a cup of chocolate! Thank you for commenting and your fabulous support! :-)

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